All in One

The e-motor emulator as a test tool. Game- changer. And so easy.

“The gap between testing on a signal HiL test stand and testing with an e-motor is now closed by the inverter test system.”

Companies are still testing drive inverters with signal HiL, throttles, locked motors, multi-quadrant power suppliers and an e- motor test stand. With all the risks, delays and surprises that are only visible later. Or first appear on the road. This is a waste of valuable time. Fault scenarios cannot be sufficiently tested. The alternative; the virtual e-motor from SPS. Motors rotate as in practice – without mechanics. Power is transmitted. Voltage returns. The characteristics of the e-motor are reproduced on the electrical connection level. Companies that use “concurrent engineering” employ inverter test systems. In order to test inverter and e-motor independently of each other – parallel. And this is the only way to go in the future.

Precise. Dynamic. No diversions.

The emulator acts as a real e-motor, also in speed-dynamic operation.

Our principle: Plug & Play. Promise!

We develop turnkey solutions for you, without long lead-times. Important: Immediately ready-to-go. With interfaces to other HiL systems. And we will develop the first application together with you. That saves you expensive support. And you can use the application for future test objects. Or easily adapt the application.